with smart sensing and
trusted security

Innovative and differentiated platforms for IoT and Wearable applications with multiple connectivity options, based on patented I/O virtualization and hierarchical computing technologies


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Trusted Environment

Ineda's platform supports a variety of security features to enable the best-in-class security for Wearable and IoT devices.

Ineda's platform ensures the secure execution of system and user data. It secures the communication path, for the hardware resources, firmware and over the air upgrades.

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Hierarchical Computing

IoT device needs to perform smart sensing and contextual processing by consuming lowest possible power.

Ineda’s SoCs based on the Hierarchical computing architecture and patented IO virtualization technology aimed at performing complex tasks with efficient sharing of I/Os

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Low power Management

Ineda's SoC's has a versatile state machine called Policy manager resides on Always-On island that wakes up the rest of the on-chip resources based on configurable events.

The overall power consumption of Ineda's platform is 1/10th of the comparable MCU and MPU systems.

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Connectivity and Cloud

Ineda's platform provides end-to-end solution for IoT and wearable applications. Various connectivity stacks such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, BLE, 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN, Thread and cloud APIs are available for easy integration and faster time to market.

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